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Client Name: NetComm Wireless


  • Project planning
  • Wireframing
  • High Fidelity Mockup
  • Content Creation

The Challenge

Exhibitions can be a hugely expensive endeavor. Between the costs of booking a space, building a stand, shipping equipment, booking hotels and flying staff, before you know it you can easily have a bill adding up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Build an eye-catching stand and you can guarantee some foot traffic but a better idea is to create interest in your stand before you go an try to organise meetings before you touchdown.


The Solution

To help drum up interest before the show I designed a 3 page website that covered the two main technologies being covered by the show and a landing page that covered the main NetComm team members who were attending and the presentations NetComm was involved with.

Each page would need to act as a part of the three or as a standalone page which could be emailed to customers interested in just a particular technology. I backed this up with a targeted LinkedIn campaign and EDMs leading up to the show.

Main Landing page

The primary purpose of the main landing page was to drive attendance for the two presentations NetComm was taking part in and to give access to the NetComm Executive team for those interested in pre-booking meetings.

Some content was already created but there were still large gaps so while creating the wire-frame I was also coming up with the content that could go on each page.


Fibre to the Distribution Point (FTTdp) Landing page

This show was going to be the launch of a new product but no mention of what the product would be was to be included on the page. Working with a motion graphic designer I created a 30 second teaser video that alluded to a new product coming but didn’t spell it out.

This page also housed a white paper behind a Pardot powered lead generation form to help bolster the campaign list.

Fixed Wireless Landing page

Similar to the FTTdp page, the Fixed Wireless page featured a video to help explain how the technology operated however this was more of a full blown explainer video which had already been created earlier but was perfect for this show.

To help with lead generation this page also featured a white paper which had been launched at another show a few months earlier.

The Outcome

On average there are just over 4000 attendees at Broadband World Forum, so it isn’t the biggest Telecommunications show in the world, but it is for NetComm in terms of $ spend. Going from the analytics, close to a quarter of all attendees visited the website with a percentage of those going on to visit the other pages and download the white papers.

This was deemed to be a great success and combined with the stand was the most successful show to date, generating a number of promising leads.

Unique Visitors per page

(month leading up to the show)


(% of visitors who downloaded)

Main landing page

FTTdp Landing Page

Fixed Wireless landing page


Fibre to the distribution point


Fixed Wireless

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