Exhibition / Environmental project

Making mobile internet … Mobiler?


Client Name: NetComm Wireless


  • Project Planning
  • Design & Art Direction
  • Logistics

The Challenge

Not every show takes place in a massive exhibition space with a 9m x 6m empty space where imagination can run wild. Sometimes in niche fields the most important events are more intimate affairs in small ballrooms with less than 50 attendees. This was the situation NetComm’s Wireless M2M arm found itself in with a roadshow in Dubai.

The Solution

For smaller events such as these sales people need just as much support as the larger flashier events (sometimes more, as these events are quality of attendees over quantity). As all spaces were uniform and consisted of a simple table and limited floorspace any displays need to be easily set up, pulled down and transported by 1-2 people. Enter the ol’ faithful of shows worldwide, the pull up banner.


Three banners were produced in total with the intention of the each being usable on their own or as part of a set. The larger banner was used as a product showcase and utilised the signature orange that was part of the Wireless M2M brand. and the other two smaller banners were used as showcases for NetComm’s software and smart metering solutions which required additional visuals to help support their respective stories.

Over the years I’ve produced a number of banners for use by remote teams who spend a lot of time on the road, where possible when they’re doing roadshows I’ve also helped out by organising logistics for transportation but first and foremost is creating something visually appealing that will help them to promote the company while also ensuring they’re not stumbling though airports with unwieldy carry on banners.

The Outcome

Remote sales are always thankful for any help they can get and feedback has been very positive in helping they create displays that are more professional and eye catching that the competition, the thought put into not breaking their backs has also been appreciated.

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