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The Challenge

One of the biggest problems of being at the cutting edge, is that 9 times out of 10 no one knows what you’re talking about. Companies sometimes get so caught up in using certain terminology and acronyms that they forget these terms might only be in use in their circles. And everyone is scrambling to get their particular terms into the common lexicon. This was the position NetComm found themselves with a lot of their technologies as they were either completely new technologies

The Solution

Explainer videos are a great way to introduce people to a product, concept or technology. The audiences for these videos would be quite technically literate so it was important to show them the opportunities that Fixed Wireless and Fibre to the Distribution Point (FTTdp) offered and speak in comparable terms that they would already be familiar with.

Due to their level it was also important to not talk down to them, and as typically the audience was also quite time poor, keep it short.

Introducing fibre to the distribution point (FTTdp)

Connecting homes and businesses directly to fibre is a holy grail for most governments and large telecommunications operators, but it’s also very costly and very time consuming.

NetComm’s had a solution though, which had been developed for Australia’s nbn network. A device which would use the copper already present in the home, didn’t require a power source and would still provide fibre like speeds to homes, businesses and multi-dweller units.

This concept however was new and had only been used by one customer, while other similar devices existed NetComm’s was a world first.

I created a script that presented the all too familiar problems which anyone who had been involved in a deployment would know, then the solution and how it overcame the main hurdles. Using motion graphics cleanly illustrated each of the challenges and solutions in a way that kept visual interest with constant movement.

Bringing Fixed Wireless to all

One of the key components of the nbn network is Fixed Wireless, developed by Ericsson who built out the network with NetComm providing the consumer premises equipment (CPE). Fixed Wireless was created to connect those remote or isolated properties outside the fibre footprint and provide speeds that eclipsed those seen by metro dwellers on
ADSL 2+.

NetComm’s CPE was a crucial part of this and although it was a small field, the NetComm device vastly outperformed the competition. When they tried to sell it into Europe and parts of North America however, they ran into a problem, no one know what Fixed Wireless was….

Working with feedback from NetComm’s overseas team I scripted a video that would explain how the technology worked, using the example of a mobile phone to give them an easily understandable and familiar bouncing off point.

When the script was approved I worked with my regular collaborator, Nitesh Asrani, to animate motion graphics sequences to bring the idea to life, paired with some stock live action footage to set the scene. The finished video proved to be a great conversation starter as it explained the concept in a way that the intended audience could immediately grasp but only scratched the surface allowing for plenty of further discussion.

The Outcome

Breaking down complex concepts or explaining new technologies is a challenge to do in 2 minutes. The aim of both of these videos (and the additional ones below) were not to completely cover every aspect (that would be a MUCH longer video) but to act as conversation starters and have both parties speaking the same language.

And they were a huge success in that regard, the finished videos proved to be a great conversation starter as it explained the concept in a way that the intended audience could immediately grasp but only scratched the surface allowing for plenty of further discussion.

Introducing fibre to the distribution point (FTTdp)

Bringing Fixed Wireless to all

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