Brand / Identity Project

Creating Theatre with Bite…


Client Name: Bulldog Theatre Company


  • Logo creation
  • Brand development

The Challenge

I was asked to work with a theatre start-up from Sydney’s inner-west, their mission was to tell authentic, multicultural stories that were being ignored by the major theatre companies in Sydney and Australia.

The Solution

During the initial briefing session some interesting anecdotes came out as to where the theatre company name had come from (I’ll let you guess) and how they wanted the theatre company to be perceived. They wanted to be a bit of an upstart, not conforming to the norms of most of the big theatre companies and had already come up with the tagline “Theatre with bite…”.

The creative process started with the logo design in black and white and there was an obvious starting point to go from. I drew a number of variations of the bulldog, wanting to add a cheeky edge to it, this was pared with Courier New as the type element to pay homage to the fact that the theatre company wrote and performed their own original work. Blue was used for the bulldog again to pay homage to the names roots as well as to the Greek heritage of the principals of the theatre company.

The logo process was fairly smooth with quick decisions and feedback from the client, with the logo approved, I moved onto creating business cards and apparel.

“Creating a new theatre company and making it stand out in the crowded Sydney market is no small feat. This was the first time I’d ever done something like this and Paul was a great partner helping us navigate the creation of our brand, logo, business cards and really held our hand through those first steps.”

Alex Lykos

President, Bulldog Theatre Company

The Outcome

The theatre company has been a huge success and the name Bulldog Theatre Company and logo is synonmous with cutting edge, culturally relevant theatre throughout Australia.

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