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A Eureka Moment for Safelectric


Client Name: Safelectric


  • Logo creation
  • Brand development

The Challenge

Striking out on your own can be a fairly daunting challenge, no more so than in the overcrowded market of tradies. I was asked to help create a logo and identity for an electrician who was taking the leap into self-employment..

The Solution

The process started with getting some ideas of how the client wanted to be represented, they already had a name, Safelectric, but as they were very much in the early planning stages, they were unsure of exactly how they wanted to be perceived.

Working with a blank canvas can be quite fun sometimes so I dove head first into the electrical world, sketching some ideas and eventually settling on three very different concepts which I hoped would help guide the client in a direction.

And the winner is?

Both version 1 and 2 used the typical yellow and black seen in a lot of electricians and construction imagery and in particular version 1 was seen as too industrial and a little scary with the safety tape visual, whereas there was a fear that version 2 might pigeon hole them into the home market. Much like with Goldilocks, the client felt that version 3 was just right, the lightbulb concept and colours were not something that was seen in many of their competitors and would add a point of difference.

With a few colour tweaks the logo was approved, at this point I moved on to creating final business cards, letterhead, compliment slips and creating the final work shirts.

“We started out with nothing but a name and now we have an awesome website, business cards and a brilliant logo that we’re proud to wear thanks to Paul. The logo design cleverly links our name with the industry and who we are.”

Heath Vincent

Owner, Safelectric

The Outcome

The client was very pleased with the final result and has continued to use the logo on more and more materials, including tags for electrical testing, as they have built out their business.

The softer colours provide a point of difference and the lightbulb made up of the S & E regularly provide a talking point and have been great for networking opportunities.

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