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Endurance Filmmaking for a Worthy Cause


Client Name: Arrow Bone Marrow Transplant Foundation


  • Producer
  • Project planning
  • Scripting & story-boarding
  • Interviewing
  • Directing

The Challenge

Registrations for the The Hawkesbury Canoe Classic have been falling over the past few years, as one of the primary fund raising source for the Arrow Bone Marrow Transplant Foundation this has a significant impact on the charity being able to effectively perform it’s important work. I was asked to create a video to help drive registrations for the 2019 paddle.

The Solution

The Hawkesbury Canoe Classic is a 111km endurance paddle that starts at Windsor, NSW late afternoon on a Saturday and finishes in the early hours the following day at Brooklyn. When I came onboard the Arrow team had already spent some time coming up with a rough script which I used as a jumping off point to propose an alternative idea. My concept was to draw upon the parallels between the endurance required to complete the HCC and the endurance needed by the researchers Arrow funds, to find a cure.

We followed 2 of the paddlers who were also members of the Arrow Board, one was a first timer and the one a seasoned pro. The idea was to intercut their journey with one of the doctors funded by Arrow who would discuss the benefits of the Arrow foundation and the funds raised by the HCC.

As the shoot would be happening over an almost 24 hour period with plenty of down time I looked for ways to give added value to the charity and hit upon the idea of creating a series of 30 second vox pops they could use alongside the main video. On the day we randomly approached people who would be taking part to ask them the question, “What’s your reason for doing the Hawkesbury Canoe Classic?” These were genuine participants and not actors, as such we got a wonderful range of answers from people of all walks of life which has resulted in a series of personal stories ranging from the love of the challenge to the loss of a family member to cancer.

The footage for the main video was shot and directed by myself and my videographer, Nitesh Asrani, at various checkpoints during the night and into the early hours of the following morning. We recorded the interview footage at a studio location the following week to give them both time to recover and reflect. 

Paul Miskimmon is a highly skilled and creative media guru! As the Chairman of the Arrow Bone Marrow Transplant Foundation I have had the pleasure with working with Paul on a number of varied projects. He has produced videos for our Not-for-Profit Organistaion that have delivered the strong message of our mission while maintaining a sensitivity required to convey that message to patients and families dealing with life threatening diseases. His ability to understand the focus of Arrow’s partnership with our major fundraiser was critical in the production of a recent video release about the Hawkesbury Canoe Classic.

Paul has a very easy going personality and his sense of humour makes working with him a pleasure! I would highly recommend Paul to any prospective clients.


Mark O'Hara

Chairman, Arrow Bone Marrow Foundation

The Outcome

This series of video have not been officially released yet, however feedback from those who have seen them have been very positive, they are set to be used mid 2019.

Working with the Arrow Bone Marrow Foundation has been one of the genuine highlights of my career and we’ve been able to continually raise the bar with each successive production.


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